KNX Range

The language of home and building automation is KNX.

The sensor technologies we offer are available in many highly practical sensor versions to suit any application:

  • Passive Infrared – responds to moving sources of heat
  • High Frequency – can even see through think walls
  • Ultrasonic – fills the entire room and also detects movement around objects
  • Camera sensor system – only detects people and can also count them
Presence Control PRO IR Quattro KNX
Presence Control PRO IR Quattro HD KNX
Presence Control PRO IR Quattro SLIM KNX
Presence Detector IR Quattro SLIM XS KNX
Presence Control PRO HF 360 KNX
Presence Control PRO Dual HF KNX
Intelligent Motion Detector iHF 3D KNX
Infrared Motion Detector SensIQ S KNX