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With STEINEL presence detectors you can watch over large offices with just a few sensors. Besides the advanced infrared sensors, we also offer the successful combination of infrared and ultrasonic technology to further improve efficiency.

Technical advice: Install the DualTech in the corner at the room entrance to maximise tangential detection when people walk in.

  • Infrared Presence Detection IR Quattro HD

    • 360° infrared presence detector
    • Square detection zone, mechanically scalable
    • Square presence detection zone covering 64 m2
    • Ceiling installation at a height of up to 10m
    • Available Interfaces: COM1, COM2, KNX, DIM, DALI, LiveLink

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  • Presence Detector DualTech

    • 360° DualTech presence detector
    • Infrared + ultrasound for best detection quality
    • Presence detection zone covering 28 m2, ceiling mounting
    • Available Interfaces: COM1, COM2, DIM

    More product info.

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