Our top-performing XLED sensor-switched floodlights set standards in efficiency. Outdoor lighting represents an important aspect of planning, particularly for large open spaces and expansive properties. This is where the best possible cost-benefit ratio takes top priority. An automated lighting system geared exactly to providing light when it’s needed goes a long way towards saving energy and, with this, also costs.

The XLed-sensor-switched floodlights from STEINEL Professional combine high-quality sensor technologies and LED light. The range systematically demonstrates that efficiency is a matter of technology: 100% LED light requires only about a third of the energy used by halogen floodlights. That speaks for itself.

Key benefits:

  • Very high energy saving
  • Convenience from automated light management
  • Combination of sensor system and LED light
  • Integrated electronic ballasts
  • ATC – Active Thermo Control protects the LEDs from overheating
  • Well-spread radiation of light
  • Life of LED’s: 50,000 h
  • Fast and easy installation
Floodlight XLED home 2
Floodlight XLED slim
Floodlight XLED Curved
Floodlight HS 150 DUO