Presence Detectors

Presence detectors respond to the tiniest movements using extremely high resolution, precision sensor technology.

Steinel Control PRO System uses infrared / high frequency / ultrasonic technology to continuously measure ambient light and constantly compare it with the preselected level. Light is switched on when ambient light falls below a specific threshold while people are present. If it’s bright enough, light is automatically switched off even if people are in the room.

Applications: Offices, classrooms, conference rooms, warehouses, sports halls, etc. We have the right sensor for any application.


Human Presence Detector HP2
Presence Control PRO IR Quattro
Presence Control PRO IR Quattro HD
Presence Control PRO IR Quattro SLIM
Presence Detector IR Quattro SLIM XS
Presence Control PRO HF 360
Presence Control PRO Dual HF
Presence Detector Single US
Presence Detector Dual US
Presence Detector US 360
Presence Detector DualTech